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PROMO CATALOG Advertising Contract
Cigar Care and Maintenance
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PROMO CATALOG Advertising Contract

Greetings from Zander-Greg, Pasadena’s largest and most trusted distributor of fine cigars and tobacco products for over 20 years!

As you may already know, we have been constantly publishing & distributing 10,000 copies of our bi-monthly Promotional Catalog showcasing some of the most popular cigars & tobacco products that we carry. These print catalogs are regularly sent to our database of Cigar & Tobacco Retailers throughout the United States; with digital copies also sent by email to thousands more in order to assure maximum brand & product exposure!

In this regard, we would like to invite you to an opportunity promote your products in our upcoming edition for the months of July & August 2015 to reach thousands of potential distribution channels for your products. Our basic advertising rates as follows:

Front Cover Special Feature  ……………………….…..…. $  5,000

Inside Full Front Cover ……………………………………. $  2,500

Inside Full Back Cover ……………………………………. $  2,500

Inside Full Page ……………………………………………. $  1,600

Inside Horizontal Half Page ……………………………….. $     900

One Third Horizontal Page ………………………………… $    600

Back Cover Vertical Half Page …………………………….  $  2,500


Note: The Cover Special Feature ad material is subject to conform to the usual Zander-Greg catalog layout and some portions of the ad’s visuals may be partially covered by text. Please refer to the attached images of previous catalog editions for reference.

Advertising material specifications & other technical information are attached. For further details, you may reach us through the contact information listed below.


Best regards,


2830 E Foothill Blvd., Pasadena CA 91107

Tel: (888) 662-5111 or (626) 791-2794

Fax: (626) 791-2763

Email: marketing@zandergreg.com

Website: http://www.zandergreg.com



Our catalogs are regularly produced & distributed every two months which means that your advertised products will have exposure for 60 days! It currently consists of 28 pages in full color at a trim size of 8.5” x 5.5” with plans of moving to a larger format to accommodate more products soon. Below is a photo of some of our previous catalogs that we have sent to our customers & business prospects by the thousands.

The production & commercial printing of this catalog is generally outsourced to professionals and work commences from about 5 weeks before the release date; usually a week before the start of the first month of the catalog’s validity.

All committed advertising materials in the proper digital format & exact dimensions specified must be received by our production group no later than 3 weeks before the publication date. Our in-house advertising coordinator will be advising you on the specific deadlines & other details.

Note that reservation of advertising spaces are on a “first-come-first-served” basis and must be done formally at least 4 weeks prior to the publication press-run schedule.

Previous catalog print samples are available upon request and PDF versions may be electronically sent to your preferred email address. A DropBox link to high resolution catalog files may also be made available if necessary.



All Advertisements will be published using 4-color CMYK Offset Printing Process

One Page Full Bleed

Front Cover  Full Bleed
Bleed:                   5.75" x 8.75"
Trim:                       5.5" x 8.5"

One Page No Bleed

Full Page
No Bleed

Live Area:                5.25" x 8.25"
Trim:                          5.5" x 8.5"


Half Page

Half Page

Live Area:             5.25" x 4.1”

Half Page Vertical

Half Page
Live Area:                   2.6" x 8.5"


One third (1/3) horizontal page ads are also available with a live area of 5.25” x 2.75”

Our preferred digital ad material files are flattened EPS with embedded images and all fonts converted to paths or curves. For all other file submissions please contact us for better coordination.

All graphics must be at least 300 dpi rendered at the same size as used in the layout and saved as an EPS or TIFF file. High resolution JPEG files also accepted.

For quality-control purposes, advertisers who submit PDF files may be required to supply native files.

·         All color images must be in CMYK.

·         All screen and printer fonts used must be submitted along with the artwork.

·         All spot colors should be converted to CMYK prior to distilling or PDF creation.

·         All files with transparency effects and similar renditions must be flattened in their native application prior to distilling or PDF creation.

·         All file editing must be done from your end and all contents of your submitted ad materials will be deemed final and duly approved for printing.

Please note that we cannot guarantee a 100% color match for your ads. However, we will do our best to work closely with our printer in order to produce the closest color match possible.

Please make sure your digital files include all fonts, photos and logos to avoid any unnecessary production delays. If you have any questions please contact us during work hours at 888-662-5111 or email us at marketing@zandergreg.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Zander-Greg, Inc. advertising contract attached.



Company: _____________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

Authorized Representative: _________________________________ Position: ______________

Contact Number: _________________________   Email: _______________________________

Advertisement Type: [Please check your preference]

Front Cover Page ___                Inside Full Front Cover ___                        Inside Full Back Cover ___

Inside Full Page ___                  Inside Half Horizontal ___              Back Cover Half Vertical ___

Inside 1/3 Page ___                   Other ___  (Please specify) ______________________________

Total advertising cost: $ _____________  Payment Mode: ______________________________

Other instructions / Remarks: _____________________________________________________



I _______________________________________________ hereby authorize Zander-Greg, Inc. to execute this advertising contract and agree to abide by the terms and conditions as stated in the URL link provided herein.

Signature: ________________________________________________  Date : ______________

Zander-Greg, Inc. Representative: _____________________________  Date : ______________


Please refer to the full text of our Promo Catalog Advertising Terms & Conditions at this URL:





1.1 As an Advertiser in our catalog, these terms and conditions form the basis of our agreement.

1.2 Our agreement with you also includes your booking confirmation request which you complete and provide to us.

1.3 Our agreement with you also includes our current rate card. The price list may change from time to time, but we will notify you of any changes if and when they happen.

1.4 This agreement will commence on the date of its signing by both parties and continue until the completion of the publication of advertisements booked.


2.1 The services (the "Services") provided include:

(a) the publication of your advertisement(s) in our publication(s) on dates agreed from time to time and subject to available space in any relevant publication; and

(b) upon request, the provision of artwork and layout design and production services.


3.1 You agree and warrant in relation to any material provided to us for use in any advertisement that:

(a) You are the owner of any copyright or other intellectual property right in the material and/or you have all necessary licenses to use any third party copyright or other intellectual property included or reproduced or adapted in your material (including, without limitation, any moral right or performer's right, trade mark, trade indicia or slogan);

(b) The material does not infringe any state or federal statute or regulation or compulsory or voluntary industry code of conduct, including, without limitation, any regulation dealing with defamation, indecency, censorship, advertising standards or self regulation;

(c) The material shall not include any defamatory, libelous, indecent, pornographic, offensive, threatening, false or disparaging content;

(d) The material shall not promote or encourage piracy, counterfeiting, plagiarism, unfair competition or idea misappropriation

3.2 You hereby indemnify Zander-Greg, Inc. and agree to keep it indemnified against any loss or damage (including legal costs on a client/own solicitor basis for any breach by you or your representatives or agents or Clause 3.1 hereof.

3.3 Zander-Greg, Inc. may, in its absolute discretion, refuse to publish any advertisement or to refuse to repeat any advertisement if any material contained in the advertisement may amount to a contravention of Clause 3.1 hereof, is inconsistent with our editorial or advertising policy or for any other reason.

3.4 You must provide your artwork at least four (4) weeks prior to the press-run of the publication in which the advertisement is to be placed in the format and to the quality advised by us in the booking confirmation request. Failure to do so may result in the advertisement not being printed or not being printed in the position requested or may affect the quality of the advertisement.

3.5 You agree that you are solely responsible for the quality and accuracy of any artwork provided by you.

3.6 Where we provide the services set out in Clause 2.1(b) you agree that you are solely responsible for checking and approving the accuracy and/or quality of the artwork produced and agree that signing and returning our artwork approval form is conclusive evidence that you have approved any such artwork for publication. If you fail to approve any such artwork within 4 weeks prior to publication, you agree that you are deemed to have approved such artwork and we will not be liable for any errors it may contain.

3.7 Subject to any express written agreement to the contrary, you agree we may change the position of your advertisement or other copy where we consider it desirable for any editorial, layout or legal requirements of any of our publications. If this needs to be done, we will use our best efforts to place your advertisement in a suitable alternative position and, subject to time constraints, to notify you of our decision prior to publication.


4.1 You agree during the term of this agreement:

(a) to be charged for the Services we provide to you at our current prices from time to time;

(b) as our charges are exclusive of any taxes, that we can pass on to you the full amount of any taxes payable on the charges and GST;

(c) to pre-pay our invoices prior to publication unless we have agreed, in our absolute discretion, to provide you with credit;

(d) to pay accounts on 14 day invoice for all of those charges (including taxes) by the date specified in the account (“Due Date”).

(e) To pay any legal costs we may incur in recovering payment of our account on a full indemnity basis.

4.2 If you dispute in good faith an amount in the account, you must notify us in writing within fourteen days setting out reasons for the dispute and the amount in dispute. Notwithstanding any dispute as to any amount of any charge, you must pay the undisputed amount of each account by the Due Date.

4.3 If you do not pay the account by the Due Date, then we may charge an administration fee of 5% per month on the outstanding amount of the invoice and suspend all or part of your Services pending payment of outstanding amounts on the account. Nothing in this clause affects our rights to terminate this agreement under clause 8.

4.4 If account is paid in any way in part or whole by ways other than cash (in US dollars), then Zander-Greg, Inc. reserves the right to change this form of payment to 100% cash in US dollars upon 30 days written notice.

4.5 Rejected checks will be automatically charged back to the customers account. A fee of $50 will be charged for dishonored checks.


Without limiting clause 4.1, we may vary, alter, replace or revoke any of these terms and conditions effective upon the expiry of 14 days written notice from us. We may interpret your ongoing use of the Services after that date as constituting your acceptance of any such variation, alteration, replacement or revocation of these terms and conditions.


6.1 You agree to provide us with any information we request in connection with our providing the Services to you under this agreement and hereby authorize us to use information provided by you as set out below, subject to the provisions of the law and any other applicable act or mandatory code of practice:

6.2 You authorize and consent to the following:

(a) our obtaining from a credit reporting agency a credit report containing personal credit information about you in relation to commercial credit provided by us.

(b) our obtaining personal information about you from other trade or credit providers, whose names you provided to us or that may be named in a credit report, for the purpose of assessing your application for commercial credit made to us.

(c) our obtaining a consumer credit report about you from a credit reporting agency for the purpose of collecting overdue payments relating to commercial credit owed by you.

(d) Our providing any information about you to any law enforcement agency as required or authorized by statute or regulation.


7.1 We do not exclude or limit the following :

(a) The application of any provision of any statute where to do so would contravene that statute or cause any part of this clause 7 to be void.

b) Direct losses and damages which arise only as a result of our gross negligence (which means where we commit an act or allow an omission to occur in reckless disregard the consequences of the act or omission).

7.2 Except where clause 7.1 applies, we exclude all statutory liability, tortious liability (including but not limited to liability in negligence), conditions and warranties implied by custom, the general law or statute, liability for all direct, economic, consequential or indirect losses, expenses, damages and costs incurred by you, arising out of or relating to the Services, any failure to supply change to or delay in supplying the Services or out of or relating to this agreement, including, but not limited to, liability for gross negligence and except to the extent of clause 7.1(a), we are not responsible or liable for any indirect consequential or economic damages, including, without limitation, loss of income or profit or loss of actual potential business opportunities.

7.3 Our liability to you for any breach of any implied provision of this agreement (other than an implied warranty of title) is limited, at our option, to refunding the price of the Services in respect of which the breach occurred, or to providing the Services again.

7.4 We are not liable to you for any delay in or any failure to provide the Services which is caused by an event beyond our reasonable control.


8.1 This agreement may be immediately terminated by written notice at any time if, without prior written consent: either party breaches any term or condition of this agreement; a receiver or receiver and manager is appointed over any of either parties property or assets; a liquidator or provisional liquidator is appointed to either party; either party becomes bankrupt; either party enters into any arrangements with either party’s creditors; either party assigns or otherwise deals with either party’s rights under this agreement; either party ceases to carry on business; or there is a material change in either party’s direct or indirect ownership or control.


9.1 Your rights under this agreement are personal. You must not assign or attempt to assign any right or obligation under this agreement without our written consent. We may assign all or any of our rights and obligations under this agreement at any time by notifying you in writing.


10.1 If you have a complaint or dispute with us, you must notify us of your complaint or dispute and we will deal with it in accordance with our internal complaint handling guidelines.



11.1 Any notice, demand, consent or other communication required to be given to either party must be delivered personally or sent by mail or by fax to the address of the other as last notified.

11.2 Clauses 4, 6 and 7 shall survive the expiration or termination of this agreement.

11.3 This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the United States and the parties hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts.

11.4 This agreement contains yours and our entire understanding to the exclusion of any and all prior or collateral agreement, representation or understanding relating to the Services, whether oral or written.

11.5 If any part of this agreement is found to be invalid or of no force or effect, this agreement shall be construed as though such part had not been inserted and the remainder of this agreement shall retain its full force and effect.

11.6 Where you are a corporation and we are providing you credit, we may ask you to provide personal guarantees from your directors or shareholders guaranteeing compliance with the terms of this Agreement, including, without limitation, payment for the provision of the Services.

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